People - Places - Events - Talks


I have a wide photography skill set which I hope you can see through my gallery. Enabling me to offer you a variety photography services


Laura Zaky photography captures moments...moments of time, shared moments...Being part of those moment...invisible yet present


Searching the moment...


finding the emotion; passion; intrigue; peace or just raw beauty


That's the romance of my job... the reality is your needs.  I have experience working with a broad brush of clients in varying sectors.


Events - Festivals, Music Gigs, on stage & press pit, Weddings, Royal Bath & West Show, Air Ambulance fund raisers, Flood response, Millfield Polo Match, Show Jumping, Spiritual Tours World Wide


People - Portraits, Family, Corporate portraits, Model shoots, Royalty, A-lister's


Places - Property for sales brochures, Greenbank Pool, Scenic, Artist's Artwork